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Drug Addiction – What You Need to Know


Substance use disorder or drug addiction is a disorder that affects the brain and behavior of an individual, which makes the person unable to control the utilization of a drug. Substances like nicotine, marijuana, and alcohol are some of the most popular drugs abused.

Over 2% of the global population is a victim of drug addiction.

The Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Some of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction include the following:

  • Inability to leave the drug – Use for several times in a day or daily use
  • Having an intense urge for the medication which blocks any other thought
  • With time, needing some drug for getting the right effect
  • Taking dangerous quantities of the drug for a long period of time
  • Be paranoid of the supply of the drug left in store for you
  • Spending your money on the drug with no worry of finances
  • Continuation of drug use without considering the psychological or physical harm it is causing you

The Causes of Drug Addiction

Like a lot of psychological issues, several factors might play a contributing role in the development of drug addiction in a person. Some of the factors include:

Environment – Different environmental factors, which include peer pressure or a depressive, strict environment of the home which fails to understand and accept you as a person.

Genetics – As you start utilizing a drug, this developed into an addiction now might be impacted by genetic traits, which might possibly lead to a delay in the development status of the person. It may also increase the progression rate of a disease.

The Treatment of Drug Addiction

Most treatment plans for drug addiction include the following things:

  • Chemical programs for dependences treatments
  • Therapy sessions as in individual, group, and family sessions
  • What’s more, preventing relapse is another important aspect of dealing with drug-nutrient interaction.

The levels of setting and care might vary depending on the overall needs and different living materials such as inpatient programs, residential and outpatient programs.

Drug Addiction – What You Need to Know

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