Couples Therapy– What You Need to Know

Couple’s therapy consists of systematic and well-thought-out sessions specifically designed for couples who are finding problems in developing a healthy relationship with one another. This therapy is aimed to bring value to their relationship and improve the longevity of their bonds by targeting differences and conflicts the couple might have that they are unable to solve together. A professional therapist specialized in the field of relationships can perform this therapy on individuals.

Around 80 percent of professional therapists in private practice provide this therapy to couples. Around half of the married couples are reported to take sessions for marriage counseling. Moreover, people who take part in these sessions get an average of 12 sessions, with the majority of couples (66%) getting an improvement in 20 sessions or even less.

Symptoms of a Damaged Relationships

Some of the signs and symptoms that require the couple to go for therapy include the following:

  • Repetitive negative behavior that ends up in a recurring conflict
  • Hiding things from the partner and not being able to communicate fully
  • Feelings of emptiness even when there are no conflicts in a relationship
  • Having a traumatic experience in the relationship, such as cheating.

The Causes of a Damaged Relationship

The causes often include a lack of communication, understanding, and a willingness to look at the bigger picture and the positive aspects of things. However, there are no absolute causes for this situation, and the couple must decide when to go for help from a mental health professional.

Treatment Options

There are no medications for this situation. However, the medication side is usually confined to individuals in a relationship who have their own problems affecting the relationship. In some cases, individuals might be prescribed medicines for sexual dysfunction, depression, or anxiety to individuals who face issues in their relationships because of their individual medical conditions, be it physical or mental concerns for mental health.

Couple's Therapy

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