Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)– What You Need to Know

Dialectical behavioral therapy is a type of psychological tool used for patients who require talk therapy. It focuses on using dialect to bring positive changes to the behavior and develop a growth mindset. This kind of therapy is extensively used to treat prevalent mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Moreover, it is used to manage bipolar disorder and destructive behavioral patterns such as self-harm and addiction.

The Signs and Symptoms for Applying DBT

There are various signs and symptoms which call for the application of this mental health therapy.

Bipolar disorder – Manic episodes with unstable emotional highs and lows for the individual

Addiction – Addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, or any non-material thing such as shoplifting

Self-harm – The tendency for reckless behavior with high chances of hurting or injuring oneself in any way

Mood disorders – Unstable emotions, mood swings with no special reason

The Causes behind These Symptoms

Although there are a lot of symptoms for this condition, some of the major causes behind them include genetic factors, problems in the family, work, and relationships, chronic or acute disease, loss of a loved one, and other problems like that.

DBT Treatment Approach

Dialectical behavior therapy follows the following approach in an attempt to heal or manage to face these signs and symptoms of mental health illness. It is based on:

  1. Mindfulness – Being aware of the present moment without overthinking about the past or the future – living in the present.
  2. Regulating emotions – Reducing the intensity of emotional pain by allowing feelings to flow as they come.
  3. Distress tolerance – Learning to defuse any emotional distress in order to give rise to healthy feelings and thoughts.
  4. Interpersonal effectiveness – Improving and sustaining relationships with those around you in an attempt to harvest healthy interpersonal feelings.

These are some of the treatment steps that professionals use in this therapy to heal or manage patients. There are different ways through which mental health care professionals can help you regulate your feelings naturally.

Mental health services

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