Dyspareunia– What You Need to Know

In simple words, dyspareunia relates to pain in the genital areas. This sexual dysfunction essentially points to pain before, during, or after sexual intercourse. The condition is diagnosed by taking the patient’s history (surgical history, personal history, childbirth, etc.) and by performing a physical pelvis examination in which they will identify and rule out any sign of infection, irritation, physical trauma, or an anatomical problem. If not addressed, this problem can disturb the sexual life of an individual.

It is present in 3 to 18 percent of the global population.

The Signs and Symptoms of Dyspareunia

The most common sign of dyspareunia is pain related to sexual dysfunction. If the roots of the condition are psychological, then it might be possible that penetration is not possible. So, a counseling session will be required for the partner having difficulty.

The Causes of Dyspareunia

There are different causes of dyspareunia. Depression, anxiety, or menopause may be associated with a lack of lubrication in an individual, which affects the individual’s genitals, causing pain. A certain position might not be helpful for smooth penetration that can cause pain.

On a physiological note, it may be possible that an individual might have an infection or an underlying anatomical anomaly that may lead to painful sex with their partner. It is important to get the issue diagnosed to treat the condition with an antibiotic or surgery if needed.

The Treatments for Dyspareunia

Ospemifene – It is a Topical Estrogen for women having trouble getting lubricated enough for sexual intercourse

Prasterone – This is a non-estrogen dietary supplement with DHEA added to improve sexual performance in those who find it painful to have sex with their partners.

These are some medications for treating dyspareunia. Some therapies for addressing this condition include desensitization therapy, sex therapy, and counseling.


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