– What You Need to Know

Rashes are considered as unusual, pathological changes in the skin’s texture or color before healing. These usually result in inflammation of the skin that has a lot of causes. Skin rashes are of many types, including granuloma annulare, eczema, rosacea, and lichen planus.

The way a typical rash appears might vary from individual to individual. In people, it most often affects the exposed skin or the part that often gets flexed or rubbed. For example, your elbows or your neck. In children, rashes appearing on the back, scalp, or back of the neck are common. It is common in 15 million Americans alone.

The Signs and Symptoms of Rashes

Some of the common signs and symptoms related to skin rashes include the following:

  • Redness in the skin
  • Itchiness
  • Scaly, dry, and crusted skin which may become leathery or thick through scratching for long term
  • Blister formations that are filled with fluid and might ooze out on scratching

Infected areas on damaged skin

The Causes of Rashes

Rashes occur through a variety of factors which include bacterial or fungal infections, allergens, heat, immune system dysfunctions, and drug therapies. Among the most common types of disorder of the skin which result in a rash include atopic dermatitis. This condition is also termed eczema.

The Treatment Options for Rashes

You might be able to treat this condition with the help of mild ingredients in the moisturizers such as glycerin, ceramides, and mineral oil. The medicines for it are usually ointments and topical creams, which contain the typical steroid known as hydrocortisone. These creams and ointments might help in controlling swelling, itching, and redness related to skin rashes. Prescription type creams for cortisone, shots, and cortisone pills are also in wide use in case of a severe form of skin rashes.

Rashes that are not caused by the infectious organisms might be treated using 1% hydrocortisone ointment for one week or so before looking for any medical advice. Available oral antihistamine drugs such as diphenhydramine and hydroxyzine may be beneficial when it comes to controlling the sensation of itching.

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