– What You Need to Know

Rosacea is a kind of a chronic and inflammatory condition of the skin, affecting the face typically. People might mistake the condition for eczema, acne, or an allergy to the skin. It is a common condition that affects around 1 to 20% of the general population.

The Signs and Symptoms of Rosacea

Some of the symptoms of the condition include:

  • Skin thickening
  • Persistent skin discoloration
  • Flushing of the skin
  • Skin pimples and bumps
  • Eye irritation
  • Visible blood vessels

The Causes of Rosacea

Dermatologists suggest that flushing of the face and spider-web veins are because of the anomalies in the vessels of the face. However, the factor that causes inflammation in the face is unknown. A mite called Demodex folliculorum resides in the skin and typically does not cause any problems. However, patients tend to get more of the mites as compared to others. It is not known if the mites may cause the condition, or the condition is responsible for increasing the mites in the skin.

Bacteria with the name Helicobacter pylori stimulate the bradykinin hormone production in the skin. This polypeptide stimulates the blood vessels for vasodilation. It is noticed that H. Pylori might play a role in rosacea development.

The Treatment Options for Rosacea

Oral antibiotics that come with anti-inflammatory effects tend to be helpful for patients with this condition. These are indicated to give more efficient results than ordinary ointments and over-the-counter creams. Some of the examples include minocycline, erythromycin, and tetracycline. The lattermost is the antibiotics which aid in symptoms related to the eye. Doxycycline is another antibiotic that is indicated to deal with itching, dryness, and hypersensitivity towards a light in individuals who have ocular rosacea.

Isotretinoin is a type of oral medication that individuals can take in severe symptoms of rosacea. This is considered a powerful drug that inhibits the sebaceous glands of the skin from producing oil.

Laser treatments are also given to patients who want to reduce the appearance of blood vessels from their faces.

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