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Anxiety Specialist

Telakai Health

Telemedicine & General Family Medicine located in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Anxiety is far more common than many people imagine and can prevent you from enjoying your daily life. Finding relief is important, and is possible through the care of telemedicine provider Alexandra Doerschel, FNP-BC, AGACNP-BC, of Telakai Health, serving residents from Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida. When you’re ready to explore your options for managing and reducing anxiety, call the office to set up a visit or book using the easy online scheduling page.

Anxiety Q&A

What is anxiety?

Anxiety, while often viewed in a negative context, is actually a powerful survival tool that triggers your body to respond quickly to potentially dangerous circumstances. Anxiety is what prepares your body to flee from danger, and it can also trigger you to take a closer look at how well a relationship or work situation is or is not meeting your needs. 

While anxiety is a healthy and normal part of life, problems arise when anxiety lingers over long periods of time. This can flood your system with negative chemicals that are harmful. It also prevents you from fully enjoying your life. 

There are many different types of anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorder is among the most commonly diagnosed types of anxiety, and is not usually linked to a specific set of circumstances or triggers. Additional anxiety disorders include:

  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Agoraphobia, or fear of crowds
  • Specific phobias around flying, spiders, or other triggers

Fortunately, there are treatments that can help with every type of anxiety disorder. Reaching out for help is the first step. 

When should I seek medical support for anxiety?

It’s important to note that everyone goes through times of high anxiety and stress. The loss of a loved one, an unexpected job loss, or even something exciting like preparing for the birth of a child can cause anxiety. 

When symptoms of anxiety begin to interfere with your normal daily activities, it’s time to seek help. There’s no need to accept anxiety as an inevitable part of life when there are treatments that can help you feel and function better. 

It’s also important to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you need help managing anxiety. People from all walks of life seek treatment from time to time, including many who function at the highest levels in their career and social lives. 

How is anxiety treated?

Treating anxiety often takes a multi-faceted approach. Finding a good counselor or therapist can help you learn techniques for managing anxiety. A therapist can also identify areas of your life that are increasing stress and anxiety and advise you on how to make meaningful changes that support your mental health and wellness. 

Medications might also play a role in treating anxiety. When you connect with a practitioner at Telakai Health, you’ll receive personalized advice on how to move forward with treatment options. If medication seems to be a good fit for your needs, you’ll learn the pros and cons of various options before a prescription is issued. 

It takes time for anxiety medication to reach its full effect, so be patient when beginning any new form of drug therapy. Your practitioner will remain available to help if you encounter side effects or feel your medication isn’t delivering the intended effects. 

When you’re ready to move beyond anxiety, call Telakai Health to set up a telemedicine visit. Online booking is also an option.