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Bronchitis Specialist

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Bronchitis can not only make it difficult to breathe, but it can also cause chest pain and numerous other troubling symptoms. Residents of Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida can find relief through a telemedicine visit with Alexandra Doerschel, FNP-BC, AGACNP-BC, of Telakai Health. Don’t let symptoms of bronchitis keep you off your feet when booking an appointment takes just a few moments online or by phone.

Bronchitis Q&A

What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a condition characterized by an inflammation of the lining of your bronchial tubes. These tubes move air into and out of your lungs. When they become inflamed, your body often creates a thick layer of mucus, which can further complicate breathing. 

Acute bronchitis is often referred to as a chest cold. The condition will usually clear up within 10 days, but symptoms can be very uncomfortable. People who have frequent bouts of bronchitis may have a condition called chronic bronchitis, which falls under the umbrella of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Acute bronchitis is usually brought on by a viral infection. These are the same germs that cause cold and flu symptoms, and antibiotics are not an effective treatment option. You have a higher risk of developing bronchitis if you smoke, are exposed to lung irritants at your workplace, or suffer from gastric reflux disease. 

What are some signs I might have bronchitis?

Knowing what to look for can make it easier to know when to seek help for bronchitis. Some of the signs that might indicate bronchitis include:

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever and chills
  • Fatigue
  • Chest discomfort
  • Mucus that is white, clear, yellowish-gray, or green

Many of these symptoms are also commonly linked to a range of other conditions. When symptoms become uncomfortable or persist over time, call to schedule a telemedicine visit with a skilled practitioner who can determine the source. 

Are there treatments that can help manage bronchitis?

Many cases of bronchitis will improve after a few days of self-care. Try to take it easy and give your body a chance to rest and recover. Drink plenty of fluids to soothe your throat and ensure proper hydration. 

Over-the-counter pain medications and cough treatments can help ease discomfort as your body recovers from bronchitis. Some people also find relief with steam treatments, which can be as simple as heating a pot of water and breathing deeply as the steam rises. 

If symptoms worsen or persist, call Telakai Health for a one-on-one telemedicine assessment. If your practitioner determines you have bronchitis, you’ll learn how to soothe your bronchial tubes and support the natural healing process. If prescription medication is needed, that prescription can be called in during your visit. 

Learn more about how to treat bronchitis. Call today to set up a visit, or schedule online in just moments.