– What You Need to Know

The industry of skin, nail, and hair care provides a lot of different solutions for consumers with all problems and concerns that help to make their life better. While some solutions are for merely aesthetic purposes, there are many products and supplements found in the market that help with improving the overall health and vitality of these body parts.

Many skin, nail, and hair conditions are prevalent in society. For example, cellulitis is a common condition affecting people 45 years of age and above.


Skin is an essential and the largest body organ that protects our inner organs. A lot of processes like thermoregulation and vitamin D production are associated with this organ. What’s more, healthy skin is one of the most obvious indicators of overall health and vitality. Therefore, taking care of our skin is not only a want but a need also. To take care of our skin, there are many products such as skin care products and supplements available in the market.

Ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid, and ceramides help in maintaining the integrity of the skin cells by helping the rejuvenation and moisturizing process. Some added treatments such as BHA and AHA solutions are some add-ons that many skincare and skin health companies use.

Nail and Hair

Nail and hair are made of keratin protein, and they also reflect our health status. People with brittle nails, spoon-shaped nails, brittle hair, or damaged hair may have some nutritional deficiencies that often go unaddressed. To beat these, there are a plethora of nail and hair care supplements available in the market, including biotin, algae products, and vitamin B complex that help in boosting the overall health and form of the nail and hair.

However, there are some serious medical conditions that need supervised attention and therefore cannot be resolved using only topical solutions or supplementation. For example, a green or black nail bed indicates fungal infection and requires the attention of a doctor. Additionally, too much dandruff with clotting on the scalp indicates proliferating scalp infection and requires medicated shampoos that address this issue. There are also skin infections such as staphylococcus aureus infections that require antibiotic treatment.

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